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You have to go to Namibia for star-gazing!
At night you can stand in your own shadow, even though there is no moon!"
These were the words of my neighbour in Bielefeld, when he returned from his first visit to Namibia. His enthusiasm was so contagious that I spoke to my star-gazing friend Klaus Eikmeier, who had been to Namibia before. Klaus confirmed my neighbour’s findings and said: “I think we know each other well enough to endure each other’s company for 12 days and nights, so let’s just go to Namibia!

I spent my first day in Namibia setting up my equipment, by 15h00 I was eager and ready. At dinner, I could hardly eat, impatiently waiting for my fellow star-gazers to finally finish their dinner: Klaus, a true connoisseur, ate slower than ever, everyone else spoke endlessly about everything and everyone, or so it seemed.

When we finally went outside and I looked up to the skies, the sheer beauty was overpowering: teary-eyed and with goose-bumps all over, all I could do was stare. I hardly took any photos that first night, sucking it all in, laying quite happily on a lounger looking up. No-one, no travelogue and no astro-image could ever convey this feeling.

I guarantee that the southern starry sky in the Namib Desert will leave you breathless, whether you are a beginner, an amateur or professional. You have to experience it yourself to impregnate these views in your memory – and then take home the most stunning photographs to show others.
I can’t wait to show you what I have experienced all those years ago during my first night in this beautiful country.

As DEEP SKY SAFARIS we cordially invite you to Namibia and look forward to your visit.

Faried Abu-Salih and wife, Julika Becker

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