Frequently asked questions


Which airline travels to Namibia?
International flights land at the Hosea Kutako International Airport, situated some 40 kilometres east of Windhoek. Direct flights to Windhoek (as of Sept. 2019)
Ethiopian Air: Frankfurt - Windhoek with a stopover in Addis Abeba
Lufthansa / Eurowings: Frankfurt - Windhoek

There is also the possibility to fly with various airlines via Johannesburg, South Africa.


How do I get from the airport and back?
We are working on offering our guests a shuttle service and hope to start in 2020. If you prefer to be mobile and independent, we recommend that you embark on your journey with a rental vehicle. There are numerous car rental companies at the airport and we can recommend

Do I need an off-road vehicle or is a VW Polo sufficient?
It depends on what you have in mind: Mid-Class 4x4 SUVs such as the Renault Duster or Toyota RAV4 are sufficient for B / C / D roads. We would not recommend a VW Polo or other sedan as the greater part of the Namibian road network consists of gravel roads and sandy tracks. Always be alert, never drive too fast, try not to be on the road after sunset and avoid overtaking as much as possible.

Important to note with Toyota Hilux or similar models: even though the loading area is very well sealed, the small side flaps must remain open while driving on the gravel road. The higher pressure within the interior stops the dust from entering the canopy.


Should I exchange money at home already?
In Namibia, credit cards are widely accepted and can be used to withdraw local currency at most ATMs. The same applies to regular EC cards. Credit card facilities (Master & VISA) are available at Rooisand, too


What clothes do I need to bring?
It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. Astronomy takes place in the months April to September, i.e. in the Namibian winter. It can get cold at night, even below zero in July/August, but the air still remains dry. Warm jackets and thermal underwear are highly recommended. During the day temperatures range between 20 and 35 degrees and the air is very dry. Do pack lip ice/sunscreen, hand cream, block-out ointments and a moisturizing nasal spray.

Shopping for Chalet Guests

We would like to stay in the chalet and cook ourselves, where can we shop?
The best shopping possibility is in Windhoek, the city offers numerous supermarkets. By now, all major supermarkets have guarded parking lots, but it is still advisable not to leave the vehicle anywhere for a prolonged time.
We recommend the supermarket "Woermann & Brock" in Klein Windhoek at the Ai//Gams Shopping Centre. It is easy to reach, is on the way and has a car park secured by car guards.
Directions: From the airport, follow the B6 (Sam Nujoma Drive) and turn right into Stein Street at the crossing by the Puma petrol station, then keep right into Otto-Nitzsche-Street and immediately turn right into the parking lot. This supermarket has a large selection of fresh bread (including grain bread and rolls), fruit & vegetables and fresh meat. The meat can even be vacuum-packed into portions. And if you have forgotten your travel pharmacy, right next door is a German pharmacy which offers good service and advice.

Important to note: In Namibia, liquor and alcoholic beverages may not be sold on weekends as from Saturday 13:00 o'clock.

Mobile phones

Can I use my mobile phone in Namibia?
Yes, you could, but this turns out to be very expensive unless you have purchased international mobile packages from your provider. The Namibian mobile operator MTC has a good network coverage and is constantly expanding.
The best choice would be to purchase and activate an MTC SIM card for your phone at the MTC stand at the airport. Depending on the length of your stay and your requirements, the staff will be able to sell you a suitable data package.

Catering at Rooisand

Do I have to have breakfast at 8:00? What about the food?
NO, the meal times can be discussed with the farm manager. A rich breakfast buffet and a 3-course dinner (from grilled zebra steak to oryx ragout and everything freshly prepared) are included in the accommodation rate. Drinks are extras and a bar tab will be kept in your name, payable upon departure. Lunch will be served upon request, prior notice of this is required approximately half a day in advance. Chalet guests are welcome to book meals at the ranch restaurant.
What about laundry service?
For chalet guests, this service is included in the price. Rooming guests will be charged N$ 40.00 per load. (Stand Juni 2019)

Wi Fi

Is Wi-Fi available at the ranch?
Rooisand receives a steady 3G-signal from the mast situated on the Gamsberg. Guests may enjoy free Wi-Fi up as long as usage remains reasonable.


Is there electricity at Rooisand and what type of adaptors should I bring?
Rooisand generates its own electricity via a big solar system, solar geysers provide sufficient hot water all year round. The rooms are fitted with local as well as European wall plugs. The observation sites all offer 220V mains power and both plug options are available
In addition, we offer about 20x socket strips, 6 compartments with red mains switches and 5 metres extension leads.


Do I need wind protection at my observation site?
Usually not, but if required, a windscreen can be set up within a few minutes.


How about Correctors and Reducers?
Under Astronomy/Equipment you will find a large selection of correctors and reducers. We provide these free of charge for equipment hired for at least 3 nights.

How can I attach the corrector/reducer to my camera?
Please let us know which camera you have, we may be able to offer you selected items. If this is not a possibility, all our correctors/reducers are linked to the manufacturer. Please inform yourself at home which adapters you will need and bring these along.

I own a modified Canon DSLR, which adaptors are required?
In emergencies and in limited quantities we offer Canon DSLR owners EOS T-rings with M48x0.75 and T2 thread, this service is, of course, free of charge.

Are the correctors/reducers screwed or clamped into the OAZ?
22x 12" F4 Newton, 1x 10" F4 Newton, 1x 10" F4.5 are already equipped with GPU coma correctors. The correctors are screwed into the OAZ via M68 and M63. M48 on camera side, working distance up to camera sensor 55mm