DeepSkySafaris welcomes you to the Rooisand Desert Ransh!

The cosy tranquil guest farm is situated ideally half-way between the capital, Windhoek, and the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund.
The region offers comprises a breathtakingly scenery and unpopulated semi-arid landscapes and counts is considered as a dark sky sanctuary, a Mecca for astronomers and a must-go for astro-photographers.
We guarantee: a 360 degree clear sight and at least 200 cloudless nights per year, low humidity of 10-25% at the most on at an altitude of 1.300 m.
Zero light pollution in one of the world´s most scarcely least populated areas. Short and comfortable walks between observation spots and accommodations!

How it all began

In early April 2019, almost all my astro-equipment (some 980 kg on 3 euro-pallets) was ready for collection in Bielefeld, thanks to an unprecedented friendship campaign. The challenges, however, did not end there: the cargo had to be picked up on time, loaded onto Air Namibia and arrive in Windhoek around the 28th of the same month, safe and intact, so that all deadlines could be met. Only on the third attempt was the truck big enough, assisted by a forklift and everything could be loaded without any problems.

The valuable equipment had to be transported to Namibia by plane – we were not going to risk the seaway again – during our initial move in 2017 our container literally went overboard! Half-way into April, my accompanying astro friend and assistant had to cancel his trip to Namibia for professional reasons. This presented another challenge for me as, realistically, I simply could not unpack all the pallets, set up all the equipment, assemble and adjust all the telescopes, erect the steel columns and the mountings and so on and so forth, within a mere 5 days? What sounds like a perfect time to spend for any hobby astronomer, was indeed an impossible task to complete by one person alone

The farm’s employees were delighted about the breaks in their daily routine!

So I wrote to my friends at OWAS ("Ostwestfälischer Astronomie Stammtisch") and hoped to find helpers at short notice. Less than 24 hours later Hubert Hermelingmeier and Rainer Kleibrink showed great interest and on the same day the flights were booked, I couldn’t have asked for more luck!

A great joy for every astronomer: THE COOPERATIVE SCREWS

On April 29th the delivery with Air Namibia landed in Windhoek and two days later everything arrived undamaged at Rooisand via the bumpy gravel road and the serpentine Gamsberg Pass. Now it was time to unpack, set up and prepare everything for the first guests due at the end of May 2019.

The finished telescopes were brought to the equipment room with delight - and caution.

Thanks to my enthusiastic helpers, it was easy to set up the equipment on time, despite the heat and some minor initial difficulties! I thank you for your great support and hope to welcome you all soon as astronomers and friends in Namibia. I may say - and as you can easily see from the pictures - it was a great and eventful week: You came as helpers and left as friends!